2ndwavers.com was my personal project, a swapping system build on top of the old e-commerce system. At the moment is in prototype stage and it was discontinued due to the lack of funds. 2ndwavers  - as reputation system - can upgrade the economy as we know it by proposing a simple and intelligent business model by overcoming the usual trading models shortcomings like selling, bidding and pure barter.

My co-founder was Bogdan Pavel.

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The Challenge

My goal was to build a reputation system which is at least flawed in any of the best attempts across the web. In an ideal economic environment everyone is trusting each other and the speed of transactions would be exponential, leading of course, to a huge growth.




The only way to juice out any reputation data is to put people to collaborate with each other and I started with the premise that everyone has something to sell (products or services). Since we couldn't compete with Amazon or Ebay by simply mirroring them, we needed to solve a big problem in e-commerce environment, not just slightly improve what already exists. And that was a viable swap system. The initial plan was to gain traction from countries with economic instability, significant inflation, government mistrust etc.

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