About me

About me

My name is Adrian A. Costea and I'm a UI / UX Senior Designer and Information Architect based in Dublin (IE). I have 15 years experience (advertising first 6 years and UX after that). My formal education is in Psychology and I always kept a big interest in social patterns and how a small act such as telling stories of a particular kind to our kids, is designing our future society. At the moment I'm interested in Machine Learning and how our lives will be magically improve by it. Whilst Machine Learning exists thanks to an unlimited memory supply, the world is becoming more traceable, predictable and this is why my current belief is that in this new wave, reputation is the real currency.

Tools I usually use:

Adobe Experience Design (CC), Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse, Edge Animate, Axure, Balsamiq, Pidoco, InVision, Mockup.io, InDesign, Wordpress, Acrobat, Business Catalyst, Lightroom

What exactly I can do for you


1 - research, creative concepts, defining project structure and planning including the marketing team' suggestions behind rationale and developers for technical limitations or priorities;

2 - understanding of HTML/CSS code, methodologies and the technology;

3 - animations (using Adobe Muse);

4 - user Interaction & user experience thinking, mobile and desktop web usability best practices;

5 - turning ideas into reality from ideation to clickable mockup, giving the look and feel to the end-product (experience working in an agile development environment);

6 - creating personas, user journeys, prototyping, wireframing and screen flow diagrams (keeping in mind technical limitations and liberties), storyboards and site maps;

7 - advocate and evangelize others in best practices for user-centered design and user research with clients & staff;

8 - user interface architecture (UIa);

9 - user experience / interaction design (UX / IxD) and user testing;

10 - information architecture (IA);

11 - illustrations and media design;

12 - psychological tests;

13 - presentation websites (very limited back end);

14 - graphic art, professional photo editing, isometric maps and advertorial images;

15 - logos (a keen eye for typography) and icons.





Why you might consider working with me


1 - Working in so many different projects helped me build meaningful cognitive connections and this is the turning point where innovation start to happen.


2 - I’ve learned to be practical, efficient and always to keep in mind the whole picture;

3 - I enjoy solving problems, mentoring people and be mentored. (I just erase the word “problem” and put “riddle” instead. That way is more appealing. Being mentored is about shutting up and listening. Mentoring is about clarifying things or telling other people about your mistakes so they can do at least new and interesting ones.);


4 - I do have a great passion for practical designs. A good design is polite, invisible, creates zero cognitive friction and helps a user to get what he wants effortlessly.). A good design is not essentially about appearance. If it serves a real purpose to put red objects on green background and makes life better, that's still good design.


5 - I've done tons of mistakes over the years and learned from them. (That doesn’t mean I won’t do them anymore. I can only hope for a more refined way to happen.). The result of this is genuine humbleness.


6 - I have a good experience in managing small teams, helping others grow, trust themselves and putting them in a good light - because I’ve done already the opposite in my early years and it doesn’t work. Actually I don’t like the word “manage”. Let me rephrase this: most of the times I can do cool things with a bunch of people and we feel pride about those accomplishments;


7 - I’m constantly learning new skills and exploring (Is just because I’m very curious and envious seeing that others are doing cooler things than I do);


8 - I won’t ever offer excuses and simply get the job done because I want other people to behave the same with me;


9 - Because monologues are not enough anymore, sometimes I write about personal ideas related to my professional life. Not copy-paste, just authentic thoughts.


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